Good work brings change. A change in how a customer uses an application. A change in how much profit your client makes. A change in society. A change in your followers. A change in perspective.

When we do our best work, somebody gets affected. Someone gets the benefit and someone gets inspired.

The work that inspires others changes others and makes people profit, that’s the type of work we need to do.

Hard situations

Everyone performs well in a normal situation. That is why it’s normal. However, the real test of our skills starts when we encounter a hard situation.

A hard situation can take many forms.

  • Quick deadlines
  • Hard customers
  • Business not doing well
  • Selling a new product to a new audience
  • And many more

How we act in hard situations is the real test. A situation that is different from any situation we have ever encountered before. A situation that makes us uncomfortable. A situation where we are responsible for profit & loss.

That’s scary, and that’s the test because if it were easy, anyone would have performed well in those situations, and if everyone can do that, then we are not as special as we think we are.

We run away from hard conversations and hard situations. We run away from responsibilities and blame, and if we are running away, maybe we don’t care about the things we are trying to achieve. In that case, let’s quit and find something we want to do.

We want to be at the top of what we do.
We want to be appreciated for our work.

Then let’s start making a difference. Let’s start making our efforts count. Let’s start putting ourselves in hard situations and try to give our best. Let’s start taking responsibility for results.

What does this mean to you

One thing can mean very different things for different people with different perspectives. I think programmers should be marketers; they should write about their work and help other software developers out.

Most of the programmers will disagree with me. For some people, it will mean just coding or algorithms or just designing websites.

We have one perspective. Our perspective. A perspective that we grew up with. We never can experience the same things the same way a different person experiences them. That’s not possible.

Still, every day when we talk with each other, we assume that people feel the same as us about topics we are discussing. When we market our products, we believe everybody tells the same story to themselves, which we told ourselves earlier.

When we are helping out someone in a bad situation, we keep asking ourselves why they are in this bad situation in the first place? No one in their right mind can go this wrong.

We all have a narrative, a personal one. We faced a lot of things in our lives, individually. We told ourselves a lot of stories. We watched a lot of stories, and all of this shapes our perspective.

Some things will make sense some will not, but even if they don’t make sense to you, they will to someone else.

How to not achieve your goals

In the previous post, we talked about how to make a plan to achieve your goals. Next, let’s talk about how not to achieve them.

  • Make a plan and then never bother to follow it.

  • Make an ambiguous plan without detailing consistent daily steps and then struggle every day to decide what to do today.

  • Wait for the motivation to hit while the deadline is closing on you day by day.

  • Stay busy doing random tasks while delaying the productive ones.

  • Keep running from the hard conversations and never address the elephant in the room.

  • Care too much about the results instead of focusing on learning from the failures.

  • Do not show up to work because you are tired or don’t feel like working.

  • Quit because it is too hard.

Most of the time, we fall short of achieving what we set out to achieve; instead, either we achieve a different goal or learn a lot in the process, and sometimes that’s better.

Don’t stop because you can’t achieve your goals. Instead, stop when you don’t care about them anymore, and then go find out what you care about.

Let's make a plan

Let’s make a plan for your goals.

What are the things you need to do every day to achieve your goals in a given timeline?

Write them down.

Now do them every day with commitment and consistency. No matter if you feel motivated or not.

Long-term plans only work when you work on them every day with consistency.

Sometimes we don't follow what we preach

Sometimes we don’t follow what we preach.

Maybe we have learnt something new or maybe we had to improvise. Sometimes we are in a situation where we can’t follow the same set of rules we ask others and ourselves to follow.

We learn. We adapt. We improve. These scenarios change how we perceive our surroundings and in some situations even to change our beliefs.

Sometimes we don’t have the willpower to keep our words and that makes us human.

It’s important to show up rather than being right all the time.

Gift wrapper

Why do we wrap gifts? When only the gift matters, why invest our energy into wrapping them?

The most obvious explanation is we want to go the extra mile. We want to show we care about the receiver so much even the little things matter.

The wrapper doesn’t matter. Intention does. It’s not about the act itself. It’s the intention that moves us, which makes us emotional.

It’s about how we make someone feel, and that’s all that matters.


I got vaccinated today. The way vaccination works are simple. We provide our body with a tiny part of a pathogen ( an organism that causes disease ), which is small enough to not cause any harm to us and big enough to trigger our immune system to build antibodies so the next time we catch the disease, we can fight it on our own.

That’s interesting. We have a complex problem, so instead of solving it all together, we expose ourselves to a tiny part of that problem, which will help us to understand and build solutions for the next time when the problem presents itself again.

We don’t have to solve the problem right now, at least not all of it. What we can do is prepare ourselves instead of waiting for the opportunity and then acting surprised because we don’t know what do.

When you can predict, predict and prepare.

There is no map

There is no map.

It’s all trial and error.

There is no easy way.

It’s all hard work.

It’s about delivering again and again.

It’s about listening to feedback and delivering again.

It’s about making things and then making them better.

It’s a long journey with small but consistent steps.

It’s about committing to do work without waiting for motivation.

It’s about rising above boring work and making something new.

It’s about helping others reach their dreams, goals, and needs so that they can help us achieve our goals in return.

Prepare today

Countries don’t wait to train soldiers until a war breaks out. They train soldiers before that. What’s the point of training soldiers after a war has already started? We need soldiers before a war starts.


Then why do we wait to prepare until an opportunity comes knocking down our door?

Why don’t we start preparing today?

We should be preparing today for what comes tomorrow, not the other way around.