What Will You Do Differently

What will you do differently? What will you build, create or provide differently?

How do I differentiate you from all the thousands of developers I can hire?

How will you perform a job differently which has been already performed millions of times?

Why do I choose you? instead, of someone with the same experience and same knowledge base?

Find that. Show that to me. Show that to your clients, to your audience.

Show what unique you package together. What they will get when they sign up to go on a journey with you?

Your audience can be your clients, your students, your friends, and Interviewer. Anybody.

The rule is as long as you are innovating, trying things differently, and at the same time that benefits your audience. Your audience is hooked.

As long as you try to paint a different picture on the canvas which is given to everybody. Your audience is hooked.

Be different and entertain your audience. Your audience will stay hooked.