I got vaccinated today. The way vaccination works are simple. We provide our body with a tiny part of a pathogen ( an organism that causes disease ), which is small enough to not cause any harm to us and big enough to trigger our immune system to build antibodies so the next time we catch the disease, we can fight it on our own.

That’s interesting. We have a complex problem, so instead of solving it all together, we expose ourselves to a tiny part of that problem, which will help us to understand and build solutions for the next time when the problem presents itself again.

We don’t have to solve the problem right now, at least not all of it. What we can do is prepare ourselves instead of waiting for the opportunity and then acting surprised because we don’t know what do.

When you can predict, predict and prepare.

There is no map

There is no map.

It’s all trial and error.

There is no easy way.

It’s all hard work.

It’s about delivering again and again.

It’s about listening to feedback and delivering again.

It’s about making things and then making them better.

It’s a long journey with small but consistent steps.

It’s about committing to do work without waiting for motivation.

It’s about rising above boring work and making something new.

It’s about helping others reach their dreams, goals, and needs so that they can help us achieve our goals in return.

Prepare today

Countries don’t wait to train soldiers until a war breaks out. They train soldiers before that. What’s the point of training soldiers after a war has already started? We need soldiers before a war starts.


Then why do we wait to prepare until an opportunity comes knocking down our door?

Why don’t we start preparing today?

We should be preparing today for what comes tomorrow, not the other way around.

Being Average

Jobs are well defined, or at least we want jobs with a well-defined description. We want to measure our efforts. How much effort will it take?

We need a task that can be completed, and the job is done. Great work. That’s what everybody does. Everybody completes their tasks, and because everybody does it, it’s average.

We can complete our job successfully, well the truth is most of the people can do that. That’s not a new thing. That’s not the reason why someone should hire us or buy from us.

Why don’t we go beyond that? Why don’t we complete our job and then start working on making things better or faster? Why stop after completing the job?

Completing the job is the bare minimum. It’s the lowest bar. When we go beyond and make things better, that’s where we innovate. The quest is to make things better, not just make them and stop.

Share your ideas

We should share our ideas regardless of how much of a minor impact they will make on the bigger picture.

It’s essential to recognise the contribution of different ideas & different perspectives while solving big & complex problems. When a team builds a product or a solution, it is a collective output of all the ideas and perspectives of the team combined, not of a single person.

In our everyday lives, we get countless opportunities to share our ideas and perspectives, which can genuinely help other people with their problems, most of the time, we choose not to share our ideas, because either we assume our ideas are not going to make much impact or we think our ideas will be rejected so what the point is?

It’s selfish to think like this. If there is the slightest possibility of helping people by sharing our ideas and perspective, we should go for it.

Just like adding more light to a dark room helps us see clearly, adding more ideas will help us see the path clearly when we try to solve complex problems in our daily life.

Let's build a culture

Culture shapes our thinking. Culture helps us figure out what is right and wrong morally. Culture is the infrastructure upon which we build our perception of the world. The culture around us somewhat influences every social decision we take.

Culture is what we teach our children or students. Culture is our values. The values which derive are decisions.

That’s why it makes sense to build a culture worth teaching and pass on to newer generations.

Why don’t we build a culture where helping each other out is a must?
Why don’t we build a culture where doing things out of courtesy is a norm?
Why don’t we teach our students to work together as a team instead of competing for individual positions?
Why don’t we teach trust and integrity?

The world is changing too fast, and now it is up to us how we will build a culture where we all find what we are looking for in this everyday changing world.

When you feel unmotivated

When you are unmotivated, sit down and start working. In the best-case scenario, you will produce good work, and in the worst-case scenario, you still create something better than nothing.

We can’t wait for motivation to hit us. It’s ineffective. It’s not practical. Working even when you are unmotivated helps you make progress, and progress motivates us.

It’s hard to start something because we haven’t made any progress, but the road gets easier as we take one step at a time as we make progress.

Progress should never stop. If you stop working, progress will stop.

One step at a time helps us move closer to our goal, and we can’t stop moving. We have to keep moving. It doesn’t matter how? We just have to move for now. We will improve later.

Do you feel unmotivated? Let’s start working.

To Achieve You Have to Start

Start soon. Start today. Start now.

You don’t have to worry about being perfect, and you don’t have to worry about reaching the destination. Put that aside for a few moments.

You have to start. You have to take the first step. Make improvements over time. Learn and implement.

You tell yourself you still need to learn or are not talented enough. Once you have enough skills, you are going to start. It’s an excuse. You are stalling.

To achieve, you have to start.


The belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

This is how Google describes the feeling of entitlement. The belief that for some reason, we deserve more without doing much or without proving that we deserve what we desire.

We feel entitled to job security without actually making profits for our employer.
We feel entitled to respect without respecting others.
We feel entitled to success without putting in the hard work.

If we are not willing to work for something we desire, why do we feel that we deserve it?

Before blaming how unfair this world is for not giving what we truly deserve, we should ask ourselves, why?

Why will someone hire us?
Why will people respect us? Why will people reward us?

We should put in our best efforts and work hard before feeling entitled.

What's your north star?

Money is a great motivator, everything revolves around money mainly, but there are reasons buried deep down our consciousness which affects every step we take in our life.

These reasons are our values. Our career, initiatives, products, or anything we start working on reflects these values. Whenever we start a new job or a business, we have an image in our mind of the future. What should the future look like?

Sticking with these values becomes essential because the world is unfair, the journey to build something is challenging, and it changes us. In this chaos, it’s hard even to recall why we wanted to start this journey in the first place?

In times like this, remembering those values help us. They guide us into the original directions we wanted to take. It helps us build what we want to build.

These values are our north star.