Be an Artist.

Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t. I do it anyways.

Posted by on November 30, 2017

Be an Artist.

Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t. I do it anyways.

Be an Artist. No, I don’t mean that you find your colors and start drawing something, I mean do what you do every day with creativity, innovation and your soul into it.

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Be an Artist.

Why do you need to be an artist?

This is the modern era. Long goes the days where you can follow orders and climb the success ladder. Today’s world demands better you. The innovative you. The world demands a person who is creative and innovative enough to outlast the competition. We are social animals. We are attracted to new and shiny things and that’s why the demand of creative individuals or you can say the artist who can create and innovate new ideas is high.

With this new world and ever-changing things all around us, we are in need of people who can find solutions to these new problems. Who can entertain us in new ways. Who can write for this generation. Who can create movies, sports and games for the new us.

And that’s why you need to be an artist because artists are in high demand and also if you want to survive in this new economy.

Who is an artist?

Let’s define an artist first. So exactly who is an artist? an artist is a person who showcases his ideas to his audience. He imagines a new world and shows that to other people. He doesn’t care about the profit or if people going to like his ideas, he does it every day because he loves to do it. He shares all of those ideas because those ideas are unique to himself, no one in the world can come up with those ideas and that’s what makes him an artist. That’s what makes him unique.

When you share your work and ideas with people, you shape a little bit of world around you and that’s what an artist does. They influence people with their creative ideas and inspire other people to do the same.

They help and inspire people with their unique ideas and because they have these unique ideas to solve problems and help people they are harder to replace. If you can follow orders people can replace you in no time. They will find someone you can follow orders as same as you do. An artist with unique sets of skill is much harder to replace. People will not able to find another artist with exactly the same skills to do the job because an artist puts his soul, his mind, his creativity with innovation in the job assigned to him.

How to be an artist?

The real question is how to be an artist. How to differentiate ourselves from other and be a real artist.

Share without expecting anything in return.

Share your ideas, share your work and inspire people. Help people with your ideas. Don’t care about the profit you get in return. Profit is a result and eventually, you will get paid what you deserve. The idea here is to influence anyone you can so they can taste your creativity. They can admire and believe in your craft. When people will start believing in your capabilities you will become indispensable. A person who can not be replaced.

Work on your ideas.

Put your heart and soul into everything you do. Most of the time the line between being an artist and not being an artist is the resistance to start. We all have great ideas but we fear judgments and rejections. I am a Software developer. I solve problems and try to find a better solution to already solved problems. Sometimes I help my fellow developers to solve their problems through my code. When I solve their problems I share with them my ideas on how to solve the issue. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t. I do it anyways.

If you want to be an artist, ignore judgments and rejections. Do it because you want to do it and if you can convert your ideas into reality with creativity and innovation, congratulations you became an artist.

Your personal growth is important.

The whole ‘Be an Artist’ thing is all about you, about your personal growth and knowledge. When you will share your ideas with others they’ll do the same and because of their new ideas you now have more information and knowledge. You can use that knowledge to build new skills and idea which will help you to find better opportunities in life.

By focusing on your personal growth you inspire others to do the same. You become an example and other people get motivated by listening to your ideas.

Hi, My name is Manoj Singh Negi. I am a Javascript Developer and writer sharing my world view with everyone. Join my quest by following me at Twitter or Medium.

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