Why credibility matters?

We can’t achieve anything on our own. We need people who trust us to do the right thing at the right time.

Posted by on November 26, 2017

Why credibility matters?

In order to achieve anything in life, we need people who share the same beliefs as we do. We need people who believe in our ability to solve problems.

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We need people who buy from us. We need people who follow us and learn from us.

We can’t achieve anything on our own. We need people who trust us to do the right thing at the right time.

That being said, let’s bring credibility inside the picture, what credibility even means?

Credibility means the quality of being trusted and believed in.

And that’s why we need it.

That’s the reason we buy from Apple because we believe in them, in their products. That’s why we love the products advertised by our favorite actor or actress, and that is the only reason companies have brand ambassadors. Companies use the credibility of their brand ambassadors to bring customers in, to make their customers believe in their products.

We buy products, services and follow people because we trust the person on the other side. It is biologically rooted in our genes that we are attracted to people who we trust, who we believe in.

And that’s why credibility matters. We can use credibility to leverage our career, bring potential customers in and increase our followers.

How can you increase your credibility?

1. Write more, Create more. Be an artist.

Writing is a very good way to express your opinion. It is one of the best ways to share your knowledge & experience with your readers and followers. When we read something written by someone we put ourselves in their shoes and try to experience what they really want to convey. It builds trust and a connection between the reader and writer hence strengthening the credibility of the writer.

The second thing is to create and build things. Let your ideas appeal to your audience. Show them what you are capable of building. We are social animals by nature and we love to experience something new and different. You can create anything. It can be a book, a product, software, websites, paintings anything. Put your art out for the showcase. If audience like it they will believe in your art, They will like you more. They will go to their network of friends and will share your art with those friends which ultimately will increase your reach and credibility.

2. Share knowledge and help your community.

You know how a community works? every person in the community helps the other person because they are the part of the community. Community treats its people like a family. That’s why you have to give first. Help people in your line of work. Treat them like a family, help people who believe in the same things as you do. If you going to help them in achieving the things they desire, they will respect you more and admire your more which will result in more trust and credibility among you and your community.

And if you can do it every day, you will gain a very important thing in life which every marketer on the planet needs Credibility, with more credibility and trust people will listen to what you have to say, they will buy your ideas and spread your beliefs among their own community.

You will help them achieve what they want to achieve by sharing your knowledge and ideas they will help you with the same.

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