Why every developer should have a blog

There are many benefits of a blog for a developer too let me show you some of them.

Posted by on January 24, 2017

Writing is a powerful way to make your point.

As the internet grows we are getting more interconnected with everyone around the world. We can talk to people, work with people, code with people, do business online, there is no stop to what we can do online today.

And here comes the blogging there are literally thousands of articles and blog posts out there already explaining why you should start a blog. Because blogging is so much fun ( Maybe not ) and has a lot of benefits over time. A blog lets you connect with thousands of people who want to listen what you have to say. Through a blog, you share your knowledge with other and learn a lot from them too.

There are many benefits of a blog for a developer too let me show you some of them.

Why every developer should have a blog

1. Your Personal Brand

A personal brand is very important Nowadays, There are Millions of talented people all around the world. Do you really think you stand a chance against them if no one knows you even exist! We have the internet a portal to connect with hundreds of people every day and some of us already doing that. The whole point of making your personal brand popular is standing out from the crowd and getting your name out there and certainly, your blog is going to help you out in doing this.

2. Career Opportunity

Writing a blog also portrait you as an expert in your field. It shows you are interested in what you are writing and doing. For the potential clients, it is a good sign that you are interested in what you are doing and enjoy the process of working as a developer. It also states that you as a writer have a great sense of organizing knowledge which will be quite beneficial and comes handy when you have to share your ideas and thoughts with new people around you.

3. Learning along the way

We gain knowledge and learn things over time in our career as a developer. It is our job to stay up to date with new technologies and development trends and it is a good thing. But the problem emerges when we stop learning new things. For stopping this from happening blogging can be helpful. When you blog regularly you have to find topics to blog this will force you to research more about your topics and hence helps you in gaining knowledge that you otherwise completely ignored in the first place.

4. Getting your voice heard and meeting like minded people

As a human being, other humans attracts us that is a common phenomenon. We love people with same looks, behavior, and ideas. We always want someone who will listen to our crazy ideas with the same enthusiasm and curiosity as we experience when sharing our ideas with others. And here again your blog comes handy, when you publish a blog post you are sharing it with millions of people all around the world to read it and then connect with you if they like what you have to say. Isn’t that fascinating ? It is to me. Along the way you will find great people who will be more than interested in helping you out in things you want to achieve in your life.

So here are some key aspects of why every developer should have a blog I will love to hear from you what you think about ”Why every developer should have a blog”.

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